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Join SD COHE Today!

Joining us is easy!

The Council of Higher Education is your collective bargaining representative before the SD Board of Regents. We are the faculty labor union; we defend the rights of all faculty!  

During the industrial age, only blue-collar laborers needed unions. In the perilous times of the information age, every employee needs job protection assurance!

Dues are less than $50/month for twelve paychecks.  We offer several easy means to join us.  

  • Email pres@sdcohe.org or loren.paul@sdea.org and we will send you a membership form.
  • Use payroll deduction.  Complete Appendix H and submit it to your HR/Payroll Office.
  •  EZ Pay - Automatic monthly deductions from your checking or savings account. 
  • Pay by personal check.
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