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  • "Tenured Plant Science Professor Fired" by Emma DeJong, SDSU Collegian, September 1, 2010 View Article
  • "Regents Fire Catangui for the Second Time" by Ken Curley, Brookings Register, August 26, 2010 View Article
  • "Catangui Dismissal Raises Academic Freedom Questions" Madville Times, August 6, 2010 View Article
  • "On 'Real Education' - II" By Robert T. Perry, August 21, 2008 View Article
  • "NEA Provides Support for a Higher Education Membership Growth Program in South Dakota. " View Article
  • "Should college presidents promote collaborations between university researchers and corporations? Yes" by David A. Boyles View Article
  • "Are conservatives discriminated against on college campuses? No" by William Figg View Article
  • "Should colleges and universities teach personal and social responsibility? No" by Larry Rogers View Article
  • "SD Competes for Top-Notch Faculty." Argus Leader, January 3, 2003 Download Story
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