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Political Activity by Public Employees


  • South Dakota, Board of Regents, Policy Manual, Political Activity, Number 4:21.Download PDF
  • State of South Dakota, Employee Handbook, Political Activity
    "Career Service employees are prohibited from using their authority to influence or coerce the political action of a person or group of people. Active participation is allowed in political management or in political campaigns except during working hours. Employees may also hold an elective office in political clubs or organizations which does not interfere with the normal performance of job responsibilities, except as prohibited by law. Employees whose positions are partially or wholly funded by federal monies are restricted from political activity by the Hatch Act. Neither state nor federal law prevents activity of a nonpartisan type not specifically identified with a national or state political party. Questions relating to constitutional amendments, referendums, approval of state laws, and other issues of similar character are not deemed specifically identified with a national or state political party. For example, school board elections and many city elections are nonpartisan." (http://bop.sd.gov/policies/Handbook.pdf, p. 18 Download PDF)
  • Washington Watch: Faculty and Politics, Academe Online
  • Policy Statement on Political Activity on Campus, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
  • Online Advocacy Center, AAUP
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